Weeklong Course


In the wilds of the Elaho Valley, learn the basics of fire, shelter, water and food and develop skills that can aid you in any type of situation and connect you deeply with the natural world. We will be immersed in the wild, living and practicing these skills. We will cover various skills such as friction fire, finding and building natural shelters, finding and purifying water, finding and using edible and medicinal plants, making your own tools, and navigating a landscape with and without a compass and map. That will leave you with some of the essentials needed if you were to get lost in the woods, or, if you just want to go camping with no gear. We will also cover other skills such as weaving, wildlife tracking, animal processing, hide tanning and others.

Skills covered:

  • Friction fire
  • Building a shelter out of natural materials
  • Making your own tools
  • Finding and purifying water
  • Identifying and harvesting wild edible and medicinal plants
  • Navigation and reading a landscape
  • Weaving


Ages 18+ (unless you have been invited or have permission)

This course is designed for both beginners and people already somewhat experienced in survival skills. This is an opportunity to be introduced to new skills, and to practice certain skills – this will not be a course in complete “survival.” Participants will have access to food and water, as well as a tent and sleeping bag if you wish to have those things.


While you will have access to these things, still be prepared for some challenges. We will be camped in a wild place – no electricity or running water. We will spend our days in the field hiking, or at our base camp learning skills. You might find yourself slowly choosing to use less of the things you brought with you. Not only to challenge yourself and to see what it is like being in the wild with only a few essential things but also to learn to trust that you can find everything you need from the natural world around you.


Being resourceful with the things around you is an amazing skill to have. Using your hands to create the things you need to be comfortable and healthy, and if needed, to survive in the woods, builds confidence. We want to go beyond merely “surviving” – we want to thrive and be at ease living in the wild. Having a connection with the natural world that is place-based and hands-on allows us to become more resilient and connected humans. When we can recognize the different species around us, and know how to harvest and use them in a sustainable and respectful way, we can see ourselves as part of something bigger and more meaningful. You will truly start to feel alive as you learn and practice these ancient skills. This week will strengthen your relationship with yourself and connect you with abilities you never knew you could possess.

We are striving to create a culture that has a deep respect and reverence to the land, a culture of resilient, hard-working people who are learning and practicing a new way of living to share with the future generations.