hand-woven cedar shoes

Cedar shoes woven by Tracy

venison jerky

Making venison jerky

cedar cape with cotton looking twining on it

Tracy’s work in the beginning

natural dyes in a pot

Making natural dyes in a pot

Digging for bitter roots

Jenna digging bitter roots for food

Hand-made primitive pot

Jenna touching up her primitive pot

drilling through sandstone with a hand drill

Hand-drilling sandstone to make a spindle whorl

kids riding hand-woven tule boat

Tule Boat that people wove at Buckeye 2015

Delmar on a mountain

Delmar, the mountain man

cedar roots for weaving

Cedar roots for weaving, sewing & binding containers/baskets

pottery around fire pit

Drying out pottery before firing it at the Buckeye Gathering

man with bow drill

Delmar using bow drill to start the fire for the Paralympics 2010

spindle whorl made with sandstone

Spindle whorl made with sandstone found at Stanley Park

Delmar finding us some firewood

Delmar finding us some firewood

goat wool and Salish dog hair blanket

An old mountain goat wool and Salish dog hair blanket…found at an antique store in Fort Langley. The value – priceless – it has an extinct animal fibre woven into it!

Washing goat wool in bucket

Washing mountain goat wool

woman raking wool with stick

Beating mountain goat wool

woman scraping a hide

Tracy cleaning her first hide

hands pulling fur

Separating mountain goat hair from the hide

smokehouse out of alder, cedar and cottonwood bark

Making a smokehouse for smoking meat. We covered strips of meat with green alder leaves, then long strips of cedar bark & cottonwood bark. Aromatic fire at the base smoked meat in 2 days.

natural dyes in jar

Making natural dyes in a jar

Our group for the weeklong 2015

Our group for the weeklong 2015

WLP weeklong 2015

Drying rawhide containers in the sun

Delmar makes a bed on the mountain

Delmar makes a bed in the open on the mountain

Jenna and Delmar teach how to skin and quarter a deer

WLP weeklong 2015 (19)

We find special places during our weeklongs

Quartering the deer

Quartering the deer

Building a smoking rack for meat

Placing the smoking shack over the fire

Delmar covers the smoking rack in alder leaves


Learning to prepare salmon to cook in a traditional way

Weeklong camp in 2014

Smoked meat we cured ourselves, in the woods!

Camp kitchen in 2014